What to know about online shopping in Norway

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Online shopping is a quick, often cheap, and convenient way to shop for items from the comfort of your home. In Norway, however, it’s a bit different.

Shopping online in Norway could cost you more than any other country because of the heavy tax laws that the country operates under. If you are looking for great online stores in Norway, you should take a look at Norskeanmeldelser, a review site providing customer feedback from people who have used various online shops to purchase anything from clothing to decor.

VAT Charges

When buying an item from an online shop in Norway, they subject the buyer to a vat charge of 25%, which is added to the total amount when you pay for your purchase. The vendor collects this money and pays it over to the government as taxes. With free healthcare and education, the government makes use of these taxes to make up any shortfalls in their budget.

Should you wish to buy products from someone in Norway, you might like eBay. By clicking on this link, we will direct you to a review page for this company and can see how other customers rated the site and its products. By reading reviews, you are able to make a well-informed decision on where to purchase your products from.

European Union VAT Laws Apply

Norway is subject to higher vat rates as they are not part of the European Union, and can set their own rates according to their country’s budget and infrastructure. While they are part of the European Economic Area, any sale of goods is regarded as import or export supplies and will be subject to the vat rates they are charged for various goods and services in the country.

Norwegian vat laws apply to all products except books. But this is only if the books are ordered alone and not together with any other items such as a t-shirt or handbag. It is important to note that these additional charges are applied over and above the delivery and shipping costs that are charged for the items to be delivered to your home or office. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of the online shop before completing your transaction to ensure you are not caught unawares by any clauses or hidden fees.

While items such as clothing and fashion accessories are subject to a 25% vat rate, it is interesting to know that food items are only charged a 15% vat fee. This excludes tobacco and alcoholic beverages, which are often seen as grocery items.


If you are buying a discounted product on a Norwegian site, remember to add on the 25% vat rate to your total cost, as this can often be a deal-breaker as the item will cost less on another site, even at a normal price. It is best to shop around and compare costs as much as you can to ensure that you are getting good value for money on all products and items you wish to purchase.