Understanding Goth as an Alternative Fashion

Black color is and has been for several years one of the major characteristics of Goth fashion. But putting on black apparel and claiming yourself Goth is foolish. It takes more than that as this culture itself isn’t all about fashion, it is about art too. But Goth style is nothing but expressing yourself to the world by the way you dress, and in this short piece of content, you will understand this style and how you can use it as an alternative fashion.

How Goth style is defined? First off, it is all about openly expressing your individuality. This fashion is generally popular among teenagers, but it’s not untouched by people in their late 20s or 30s or even older people who tend to adopt and enjoy it. There are few major aspects of this alternative fashion – color, clothes, accessories, and hair & makeup, etc.


Black is a default in this style, but many Gothic people compliment their looks by adding other colors too in their outfits. Colors like warm pink, bloody red, and electric blue as part of their practice. But regardless of all these trends, black remains the same as the main thing.


The right accessories are very crucial when you’re dressing based on the Gothic style. Plenty of jewelry and often piercings are a trademark of this fashion. Long-chain with pendants, studded bracelets, rings, belts, spiky shoes, etc…


Shirts, tank tops, rock band t-shirts, statements t-shirts, and off-shoulder tops are the way to go, and it doesn’t matter if they’re tight fit or quite loose. The purpose is to make a statement on whatever top you choose. And for the lower body, patterned leggings and tights are very popular. 

Most commonly the goth clothing is the use of all or mostly black colors. combining with various accessories, such as long chains, studded belts, bracelets, fishnet hosieries, etc…  Although black is most among goth freaks but it’s not end all be all. You don’t inevitably have to choose that color. People combine it with various gaudy colors like sizzling pink, pulsing blue, or crimson red as the goth fashion is all about being bold and daring.


Hair has a lot of potential in this style and can be worn in several different ways such as dyeing the hair or wearing a wig are most common among goths. Hairstyles like mohawks, bobs, blunt cuts, angled cuts, and shaved heads are worn by everyone from men, women, boys, and girls


Black eyeliner, mascara, and even black and dark lipsticks are used by people who are into this style. Be it, females or males, they do this kind of makeup to show their originality. Apart from these dark shades they use skin color foundation to add more contrast to their makeup and overall look.


On the bottom line, if you’re tired of your average and regular look and want to spice up your sense of fashion then you can easily use this Goth style as your alternative fashion.