The characteristics of an online shop that may be fake

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The characteristics of an online shop that may be fake

Online shop – Maybe some of you have had a bad experience shopping online, mostly on IG and FB social media. Currently, the ease of doing online shopping transactions available today provides an opening for fraudsters to carry out their actions. In fact, if they are caught, these fraudsters will still create new modes for their new potential victims. As a potential buyer, you at least need to know the characteristics of a fraudulent online shop. The reason is, cases of online fraud can occur at any time and can be experienced by anyone. Here are some of the most visible signs of a fraudulent online shop.

Product price is not reasonable

Cheap price traps or unreasonably attractive promotions are the most easily seen characteristics of fraudulent online shops on Instagram. This mode is usually carried out by fraudsters so that you are more easily tempted and without thinking about buying products at the fake online shop. Fraudsters will take advantage of your thinking that you feel you have been lucky to get a low price below the market. As a result, consumers have already made transactions before checking the validity of the online store. To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Fake followers

If the price factor is still considered insufficient to prove whether an online shop is fake, you need to look at the online shop followers. To launch their actions, fraudsters will do everything they can, including buying fake followers to attract the attention of victims. The way to see if an online shop has fake followers is to check the number of comments and likes on each upload. If an online shop has tens of thousands of followers but only a dozen likes, you have to be careful with the online store. In addition, to find out if the followers in an online shop are fake, you can also check the date of joining the Instagram account of the online shop. It is very suspicious if an account has just joined but already has a lot of followers.

The comment field is disabled

The next characteristic of online shop scammers on Instagram is the disabled upload comment column. The biggest reason why online shops have disabled their comment fields is because of bad comments written by previous victims. To avoid being exposed, unscrupulous fraudsters also choose to disable the comments column on their account. Therefore, if you see an online shop on Instagram that has disabled the comments column, you should look for another online store.

Testimonials and suspicious accounts

Testimonials from suspicious buyers are one of the characteristics of online shop fraudsters. False testimonials usually use excessive language without a detailed explanation of the experience. In addition, the photos and testimonials listed look familiar because they are exactly the same as those of other stores. In addition to testimonials, suspicious accounts are also a feature of other scams. You need to check the account used by the seller online through the websites that provide this service. This website will display a report regarding the account, including whether or not there are reports of fraud from previous victims.

Feeds are not interesting

The characteristics of online shop scammers on Instagram, for example, are unattractive feeds. Sellers who are serious about managing their stores will certainly display their best feeds. With an attractive feed, sellers hope to attract the attention of potential buyers. At least to make buyers interested in stopping by and looking at the products in their store.

They serve 24 hours consultation

There is no olshop that implements 24-hour service. Even rarely found. If an olshop account contacts you outside of normal hours, you should be suspicious. The normal hours of consultation are usually between 09.00-19.00 from Monday-Saturday. On the other hand, fraudsters are not interested in the aesthetics of the fake shop. Usually, an online shop that is actually managed by the owner will have a well-designed profile photo, logo, and feed. In addition, the quality of the uploaded product photos is also very important.

They focus on payments

If a serious olshop, he will treat his buyers very well. Such as patiently responding to questions and complaints of buyers. But if the olshop account does not explain in detail about the product, but immediately offers payment transactions, you must be suspicious.

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