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Which? Home & Garden reviews and advice

At Ballantine Court, the activities team had originally decided to focus on residents with dementia, however there had been reservations about the residents’ ability to participate given their dementia diagnosis. Also, several of the residents were new to the home and were still being assessed, so there were concerns about stress/distress due to unfamiliarity of their new environment. However, the majority of the residents were mobile and could access the patio and during a planned crafts session, the idea of a gardening project was brought up. Staff used a factsheet from Trellis, a Scottish therapeutic gardening network, to get ideas and safety tips .

  • Alec and Jane, a couple living together at one of the homes, were also excited by the project, as they used to have a garden that they looked after together.
  • Keep reading for handy, actionable and practical small garden design ideas (that don’t involve lots of
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