The music trend you never knew you needed

These measures are not fit to deal with the scale of the challenge,” Mr Dowden said. A free tool called Spotify Pie gives you a monthly summary of your listening habits through a handy pie chart format. It then organises these by popularity, with the biggest or most mainstream artists at the top of the iceberg and your weirder guilty pleasures placed squarely at the bottom. There is no particular reason that has yet become apparent as to why this is, it may be a case of younger generations’ shorter attention span, but from a statistical point of view, shortening your songs could increase their popularity.

  • NFTs provide another way for musicians to connect with their fans.
  • SPOTIFY users have found a new way to categorize their music taste with Icebergify.
  • People are using this bop over videos of their celebrity crushes, or with captions referring to certain groups of
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