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Manufacturing and production industry

Within the Aerospace and Defense Industry sector, CDI Global has experienced and dedicated partners who can identify and interview appropriate candidates on a face-to-face basis. We are highly experienced at guiding companies through the complex financing a management buyout entails. CDI Global’s extensive experience and relationships within the investment banking community ensure capital raising success. Our middle-market expertise and industry knowledge delivers the optimal group of prospective and interested buyers to boost limited auction valuations. CDI provides full-service mergers and acquisitions transaction support including valuations, due-diligence, and closing support. CDI Global is highly experienced in helping our clients make acquisitions of other companies, both cross-border and cross-industry.

  • Our team provides knowledge of Global Consumer Business and Global Manufacturing professionals throughout our network.
  • Globalization, specialization, and scale are becoming the driving factors to succeed in the Industrial Products and Services market.
  • We use a variety of sources to validate the accuracy
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