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    Divorce & Separation Lawyers Aberdeen

    We assist with applications to become a deputy, or act as deputies for those unable to make certain decisions themselves. Our leading lawyers are renowned for their compassionate yet efficient approach. We’ll work closely with you to put you in the best possible position for the future. Our criminal defence team have the knowledge and expertise to help you defend your rights and your reputation. We are widely acknowledged as one of the Thames Valley’s leading firms of Family Law solicitors, with conveniently located offices in Reading, Henley-on-Thames and London.

    Access to top-quality legal advice and support is crucial during a criminal investigation. Listening carefully to your needs and aims, we are committed to providing clear, practical and effective legal advice, a responsive and highly personal conveyancing service and, crucially, value for money. We are the only firm based in Reading or Henley-on-Thames to be recognised as a top tier … Read More

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    International lawyers

    Many people with dementia will reach a point where they can no longer make some decisions for themselves. This is known as lacking ‘mental capacity’ to make those decisions. When this happens, someone else – often a carer or family member – will need to decide on behalf of the person with dementia.

    • Or a study where machine learning was able to predict judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights with “strong accuracy” (perhaps Boris Johnson might be interested in that last robot, but I digress…).
    • Fees for creating an LPA vary, so you might want to contact a few to compare their fees and the service they offer.
    • You must keep separate up-to-date accounts of the donor’s financial affairs.
    • The fundamentals of a crime are known as theactus reusand themens rea.

    You might have to fill out a third party mandate – see Bank and building society … Read More

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