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Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

Take advantage of our downhill mountain bike insurance if you plan to do downhill mountain biking whilst on a trip. Our downhill mountain bike holiday insurance will cover you if the worst happens. Forsingle trip policies, you must insure the full duration of your trip and purchase your insurance before departing from the UK. If you select cancellation cover, it takes effect from the date of policy purchase until your departure date.

  • Fabulous mountain walks in carefully-selected and enchanting destinations.
  • The splendour of our destinations will surely win you over, but attention to detail and the human touch are ever-present too, whether you are simply making an enquiry, or you are already away in one of our destinations.
  • But more capable XC bikes also provide unique thrills, and that injection of effortless pace never gets boring.
  • There‚Äôs currently not much consensus about the other angles and measurements on down-country mountain
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