Sunglasses Trends for Women 2021

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It’s true that most people think about their shades only when they need a new pair or when the summer arrives but can impact your appearance a lot. When you wear your new Chloe Sunglasses you might feel more comfortable in your body which reflects on your overall appearance. It’s a perfect way to show your style in a fashion sense.

Trends are changing each year, even each month so it can be hard to follow up but some of them stick for years. You have many vintage models that are still trending and will always look great. There are speculations that things will change a lot in a few years but until then we will stick with what looks great now.

Butterfly-like Models

It may be enough to say that Cat-Eye frames are some of the best looking and end it there but there’s much more to it. Some people say that butterfly-like shapes are taking over and that is true even if there are some striking models that just provide a different vibe. It’s very important to know how to choose your clothing properly to match them.

They will never be appealing with a sporty style because they have some kind of sensual appearance. When it comes to color, the best choice would be aesthetic tones of the 70s or even some animal patterns if you can pull it off. Besides being an outstanding faction factor, butterfly glasses have anti-aging protection because their size will protect people with sensitive skin.

Oversized and Square

Something that man can’t pull off is oversized square frames and lenses. You saw Kim Kardashian wearing them with a bold frame which attracts people’s attention. They are only compatible with dresses usually in a darker color preferably black. You can go with robust colors but deep black with a tortoise pattern is a must-have this summer. Read more here:

Geometrical and Vintage

Vintage models like aviator are here for around 100 years mostly made for the air force but now work as a fashion statement. Retro styles always come back to the spotlight which happened this summer. They come in every shape and size but a different from others because of the patterns and small details they have. We probably won’t see too many mirrored lenses instead there will be more neutral colors.

Something that wasn’t seen enough in the past years is geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles and squares. They will be either generously framed or minimalist according to the magazines. It’s not for everyone’s taste and you will need some courage to wear them.

Shield Sunglasses

A trend that will for sure come stronger in the next few years is shield glasses like you’ve come from the Matrix movie. Some celebrities like J. Lo loves wearing them but the reason why they are becoming more popular each year is the design factor. Manufacturers will be able to make hundreds of designs without even looking similar because they are taking more space than classic glasses. People have fun wearing them and they give some kind of futuristic look.