Strategy From Retailer to Supplier in Online Store

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Strategy From Retailer to Supplier in Online Store

Most novice online store owners start their businesses as retailers. By taking it from a supplier and reselling it in its online store. Although this way is also quite profitable. It would be better if you have a long-term target for your online store, by becoming a supplier to other online stores.

Developing your online store so that it can become a supplier to other online stores is a business decision that needs to be taken into account. Here are some characteristics that your online store business is ready to expand into a supplier for other online stores:

Stable profit

If you want to become a supplier, you must be prepared to face resellers who have different characters. Becoming a supplier means that you have to sell the product a little lower than the market price or retail price you normally charge. But the advantage is, you get a large number of consumers in one transaction with a reseller. To know more about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

When the percentage of profit you get is large, it means that your online store has reached a stable financial condition. That is, selling at wholesale prices is not a problem for you.

High consumer demand

High demand figures indicate that your product is in high demand by consumers. Being a supplier means you do business with resellers.

Doing business with resellers is like “opening a branch”. If the stock of goods in your online store is empty, you can refer resellers who take products from you to consumers. So that consumers are not disappointed and still get the product they want.

Try with one reseller

Being a supplier doesn’t mean you have to do business with many resellers at the same time. When the idea of ​​becoming a supplier comes up, it’s a good idea to try to work with one reseller first. If this collaboration is successful, it means that your online store is ready to become a supplier. Success with resellers can be monitored by the number of requests. If the reseller is able to sell a lot of products taken from your store, it means you are doing business with a reseller who has a good market.

You can expand the success of doing business with one reseller by adding a number of resellers. It is not impossible that one day you will become a large supplier to many resellers, without needing to retail again.

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