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Learn concepts and techniques in the field of mixed reality and user-centred testing and implement mixed reality applications using technologies applicable to the problem domain. You will use a mixed reality application to conduct a user test, analyse and report on results. Most modules are 20 credits, meaning you’ll study six modules each year. Some longer modules, such as a dissertation, are worth more (e.g. 40 credits).

The University will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate , or a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our own foundation pathways, for entrance to onto our undergraduate programmes. For study on our Foundation and Undergraduate programmes, English language at grade C or above in the WAEC SSCE is sufficient to meet the standard English language requirements. For study on our Foundation and Undergraduate programmes, English language at grade C/6 or above in the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination is sufficient to meet the standard English language requirements. Holders of the Bachillerato together with a recognised foundation programme, such as the Birmingham Foundation Academy, will be considered for entry to our Bachelor degree programmes. Programming is an essential skill for students studying computer science-related programmes. It is a vital driving force for most technological and business applications today.

  • Lectures are used to present theory and concepts, and are supported through a combination of tutorial discussion and practical, laboratory exercises.
  • This module provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain structured and professional work experience, in a work-based learning environment, as part of their planned programme of study.
  • The software industry is protective of its licensing revenue and, if you are discovered, you and your business could face prosecution.
  • In addition to the specific entry conditions for this course you must also meet the University’s General Entrance Requirements.
  • If this affects you, we would liketo reassure you that we have implemented flexible arrangements and will assess your application based on your Standard X, XI and mock or predicted grades from your school.

Each activity can be built in any number of steps from 1 through to 5, which makes it possible to tailor the program. This is particularly useful for those children who can only make a switch press with a great amount of effort – where having to press the switch five times to complete a picture would be too much. The menu screen allows the program to be set up to meet different needs, ranging from a reward of the whole activity requiring just one switch press, to quite complex turn taking and switch activities using two switches. The program offers a wide range of activities which can be configured to suit individual users’ needs. In this way the same kind of activities can be used with a variety of learners and for different purposes.

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An additional aim for the student is to learn complex system design techniques including architecting for speed and area. If you wish to undertake the optional study abroad/placement year, you will take either the Placement Year module or the Study Abroad Year module which both typically run for a full academic year between years 2 and 3 of your course. You are normally able to progress onto the relevant module if you have successfully completed the first two years of the course (i.e. having accumulated 240 credits) and have a confirmed opportunity two weeks prior to the start of the academic year. However, we encourage international students to confirm their placements earlier to ensure they are able to meet any applicable visa requirements. This module introduces the fundamentals of computer programming and algorithm construction that will underpin the technical and theoretical content of undergraduate degree courses based within the discipline of Computing.

The interpreter for the language produces the result using whichever standard algorithms it has been given for doing so. If the University discontinues any courses, it will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. Students choosing a period of paid work placement or study abroad as a part of their course should be aware that there may be additional travel and living costs, as well as tuition fees. Fees illustrated are based on academic year 22/23 entry and are subject to an annual increase. Exemption from parts may be considered based on appropriate performance in a related, designated course or other approved experiential learning .

Software support

System software provides a platform for other software and includes the programs managing the computer itself, such as the computer’s operating system, file management utilities and disk operating system . The system’s files consist of libraries of functions, system services, drivers for printers and other hardware, system preferences and other configuration files. The programs in system software encompass assemblers, compilers, file management tools, system utilities and debuggers. If your English currently does not reach the University’s required standard for this programme, you may be interested inone of our English language courses. If you require a student visa to study or if your first language is not Englishyou will be required to provide acceptable evidence of your English language proficiency level.

We offer a range of International scholarships to students all over the world. Pirated copies of popular software packages means that you need to be extra vigilant when buying. A good sign of legitimate products is a certificate of authenticity , which is on the hologram label. Let’s discuss five additional subcategories of software and understand them using examples of trendy software. Get ready for new legislation regarding the collecting, use and storage of data. This tutorial on GDPR will help guide you and your business on how to easily and efficiently ensure you’re compliant.

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Undergraduate courses typically contain 10- or 20-credit modules and postgraduate course typically 15- or 30-credit modules. Modules are either assessed by coursework only or by a combination of coursework and formal examinations . Coursework assessment is carried out using any combination of written assignments, class tests, presentations, and group assignments as appropriate to meet the learning outcomes of each module. The first test is to determine whether the invention has “technical character”. This stage is relatively straightforward to overcome because the EPO will consider an invention to have “technical character” if it involves “technical means” (e.g. a computer) even if that technical means is known from the prior art.

This module represents an introduction to the wide field of machine learning. Following your second year, you will have an option to apply for a one-year professional work placement or study abroad in a partner institution. Past students have undertaken placements working as a trainee system test engineer at Halliburton, trainee operational analyst at IBM and trainee network operations engineer at BlackBerry in the UK.