Is Fashion Cheaper In France?

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According to new figures that may surprise many, the French are among the European nations whose citizens spend the least on fashion. We all know France has the most top brand in the world today. So, the selling cost in France is cheaper compared to other European countries.

Data from Eurostat’s comparative analysis of household spending tells a surprising story. Unexpectedly, the French, who are known worldwide for their fashion sense and style, are among the European nationalities spending the least on their wardrobes. You can review at AmonAvis to have insight into the French fashion style. There are numerous reviews from French citizens on this website.

Clothing and footwear accounted for 3.7% of the average French household’s total spending in 2016. Portuguese, Italians, and British each had 6.3%, while Germans had 4.5%. The Portuguese had 6.3% while the Italians had 6.2%, and the British had 5.6%. This statistic shows that French fashion is still the cheapest among others.

Below are brands in France that offer affordable fashion wear, and you can get some of these clothes online or visit Benibla for the best fashion brand France has to provide you with.

  1. RAD

If you are visiting France for the first or wish to immigrate to France, you do not need to worry about the euros you will spend on fashion items. Rad is an affordable fashion brand based in Paris. There is no physical store, but they offer original streetwear for both men and women online only. What could be better? A cool French-inscription sweatshirt or beanie, for example!


Another brand that makes France fashion cheaper on our list is the petit bateau brand! There’s something for everyone at this iconic French clothing line! They have something for everyone, from newborns to adults. A perfect blend of cotton and love, their clothing is of exceptional value. Since 1893, they’ve been around! Here is where you can find their famous underwear, marinière, raincoat, and so much more.


Whenever you say “Monoprix” in Paris, everyone knows what you are discussing! It is a famous brand yet an affordable one!  It is a one-stop-shop for food, home decor, medicine, and so much else. Their clothing is appealing because it’s cheap and stylish at the same time. From pants to tank tops to shirts, I love an extensive “linen” collection. You can find it right here.

  1. Princess Tam Tam

Its products include lingerie, homewares, and swimwear. Bright and cheerful, these pieces are sure to brighten your day! After Etam, the company is ranked second in the lingerie sector in the United States. Check out their cute clothing.

  1. La Redoute

Since 1928, La Redoute has been the leader in French e-commerce for the French style. Known for their clothing and home decor, they carry a wide variety of brands and their line of clothing and decor. In France, they deliver for free! France’s mail order catalogue (yes, a real mailbox) is an institution in the country’s homes. Our younger selves awaited the arrival of the new one. You can buy one of their clothing in any online store.


The fashion industry is cheaper in France than in other counties, and there are so many famous brands in France that sell quality fashion items at low prices. So, if you are going to France for work, studies, or immigrating to France, you do not need to bother yourself with fashion! If you go to France for tourism, you can shop around before going back to your country! We have listed above the affordable fashion brands, and there are still many more!