Ideas for Combining Handbags with Your Clothing

Everyone living in this century wants to keep a fashion-forward mindset, and in light of that, a handbag is a perfect accessory to consider. Studies show that the average woman owns more than one handbag and uses it to suit different occasions. On the other hand, some women do not even pay attention to coordinating your clothing and handbags. However, there are many sources on the internet to help guide you in combing your clothing and bags. Additionally, you should read online customer reviews for clothes stores in the US, such as the I love Dooney store, before purchasing any handbags online.  

Does Your Handbag Have To Match Your Handbag? 

It should be common sense to know that your clothing and handbag work hand in hand to finish off the perfect style. Likewise, your clothing and accessories mean nothing without a good handbag. Accordingly, a few things for you to consider are the setting and pattern of your outfit and whether it is casual or formal. 

Think About Your Occasion 

Following the latest fashion trends while staying comfortable in your skin can be tricky. First, you want the most popular purse because it’s hip and fun, but then you have to step out of your comfort zone, so you begin to have second thoughts. However, the fashion industry has become super accommodating to all preferences while delivering high-standard pieces. So your first factor to consider is the occasion when pairing your clothing and handbag, which may be the office, a wedding, or mall shopping. However, this factor has two rules: do not wear a sports bag when dressing up, and high-end designer handbags do not match casual everyday outfits like your activewear or grocery shopping outfit.  

Try Versatile Colors 

Back in the day, women would always match your handbags, belts, and shoes to complete your outfits, but nobody does that anymore. Instead, women stay within the general color scheme. Therefore, you should always experiment in the try-on room to see which elements complement each other. Generally, the most versatile handbags you may want to consider are black, white, cream, tan, and different neutral tones. For example, if you wear a cream pair of pants, mix it with a pastel-pink crop-top and some beige ankle boots, and pair a beige handbag to finish your aesthetically pleasing outfit. However, a classic black leather crossbody handbag is perfect for day-to-day errands. 

Stay Balanced 

We all adore the idea of prints, patterns, and textures of a handbag, but when matching your handbag to your outfit, you need to keep everything balanced. To experiment, you can choose a handbag color that matches a part of your clothing print, whether it is red or brown.  Additionally, you should pay attention to the details of the handbags, like whether the hardware is gold or silver and strapped or chained. Furthermore, you should choose a handbag with a proportional size that matches your outfit. For example, if you are out on errands all day, a tote bag or crossbody handbag might be a good fit. However, if you are attending a formal evening event, opt for a small clutch to carry in the palm of your hand.  

Last but not least, match your handbag to your body shape. For example, more petite women should avoid large bags because they will look smaller. On the other hand, women with more prominent figures should avoid wide-shaped handbags as this will enhance the girth of their silhouette. So, instead, go for an elongated bag from the shelf.