How to Create Discounts to Increase Business Sales

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How to Create Discounts to Increase Business Sales

Discounts are one of the marketing techniques that are often used by sellers. It can even be said that discounts are the most powerful marketing strategy to attract the masses. The discount itself has various types of models.

This article will show you how to make an attractive discount. As a seller you must know the ways, so that the profit of your store can increase.

The purpose of giving discounts is to attract a large number of customers. So that the sales of a store can increase. Discounts will affect consumer psychology. With a discounted price they will think they can save expenses.

Therefore, it is certain that buyers will quickly check the product list if they are given a discount offer. According to a survey revealed that about 57% of consumers will buy a product when there is a discount.

The following are ways to make attractive discounts. Listen and immediately do it in your shop.

Create a time limit

The time limit on the sale will give consumers the impression of “to be missed”. Consumers are motivated to immediately buy your product.

There are limitations that you can offer, including time limits, limits on the number of products, minimum purchases, to special sales for certain days.

For example, your product is sold only from Monday to Thursday, or from 8 am to 7 pm. You can also get a 50% discount for a minimum purchase of 300 thousand. You can also hold special flash sales for holidays, Valentine’s Day, Fridays, and so on.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This promo is very often used in sales and the results are quite fast. With this technique, buyers will be interested in buying because they get one product for free.

You can do one free technique for purchases above 100 thousand. Or it could be by purchasing certain foods for free from other foods.

Free For Birthday

You can offer free products for birthdays. This technique in addition to attracting consumers who are having a birthday can also attract the attention of other consumers to monitor your shop.

For example, you can give a 50% discount for birthdays in October. Provide free meal packages for birthdays on certain days. Later, consumers who are having a birthday are asked to show an identification card (KTP).


Giving cashback is quite effective in attracting consumers. This technique will make consumers feel that the money they spend is getting more. To know more about travel recreation you can visit this site kelilingkota

For example, you can give cashback worth 200 thousand for the purchase of clothes above the price of 200 thousand.

Discount Group

This discount is the same as the adage once rowing two three islands is exceeded. This discount is a marketing strategy from one person to many, without you needing to join the promotion.

For example, you can create a promo “invite 2 of your friends and get a 50% discount for every 12 dozen donut purchases”. Automatically your customers will be interested in inviting their co-workers, college friends, or family.

Share Post Discount

This discount model requires consumers to share photos of your products on their social media, it can be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Consumers who do that will get a discount for example by 40%.

Don’t forget to add other conditions to consumers who want to get discounts. Require them to tag your store’s social media accounts, and add catchy words that can attract people to buy your products.

Free Shipping

There is another discount model that does not tamper with product prices, but this method is quite effective in attracting consumers. The discount model is to provide free shipping or postage.

Often when consumers are interested in a product, but see the shipping rate is quite expensive, they cancel their purchase. By eliminating shipping costs, consumers will be more confident in buying your product.

The benefits that you will get, your consumers will be interested in buying your product continuously. They will become your loyal customers.