Discounts: These 5 to Increase Online Shop Sales

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Discounts: These 5  to Increase Online Shop Sales

Discounts- Do you have an online shop or e-commerce business? Surely you know that, if everyone likes discounts, so do customers. Giving discounts can increase sales, speed up stock depletion, and attract new customers.

So that your sales are not less in demand than online shops or other stores in e-commerce, you can also apply certain discounts to increase your sales.

Still, confused about what types of online shop discounts are? Come on, see the answer below!

Free shipping (postage)

Nowadays, many people are starting to switch from offline shopping to online shopping. We can do this because online shopping is easier and we can do it from anywhere. Seeing this consumer behavior, you can apply a free shipping discount (postage) to increase your sales. Usually to apply the discount through certain e-commerce, because they provide subsidies for free shipping with a minimum spend that you can set.

Buy one get one free

Free products are what customers prefer over discounts. This discount gives free 1 product after the customer makes a purchase of 1 product. Usually, the purpose of applying a discount is to deplete product stock or because the profit from selling the product is high enough to generate sufficient profit.

This promotion is actually the same as a 50% discount, but getting a free product after purchasing 1 product sounds more attractive to customers.

Bundled products

You can apply this discount if you want customers to try several products at once. This is a strategy to lure customers into ordering multiple products and enjoying package prices. Customers will find they can save more when they buy several products at once rather than buying individual products.

This promo can make you sell more products. Through this promo, you can sell less popular products or new products by making a package with popular products that are sought after.

Flash sale

Flash sale is a promotional strategy that is widely used today. These promotions usually provide a large discount on many products within a certain time, usually 1-2 hours. If your product is highly targeted and offers an attractive price, then the product will usually be sold out in a matter of minutes.

Flash sales can increase impulse buying because the discounts offered are usually large and the time-limited makes customers want to buy products immediately before the discount time ends.

Certain day discount

Discounts on special days such as 11.11 (Harbolnas) or making Mother’s Day a promo. Carry out promotions to increase sales and improve the image of your online store. Can used to attract customers and improve the image of your online store.

Those are some discounts that you can apply for your online shop business to increase sales and profits. In addition to discounts, you can apply other promotional strategies to increase sales.