Danish Men clothing brands

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For a long time, Danish fashion has been popular for being minimalist. With the growth of the countries, clothing styles as seen in fashion events such as the Copenhagen Fashion Week, Denmark’s fashion and style are refining and evolving. Monochrome and minimalism are still widely evident but have wilder and weirder looks. Casual is also predominant, and across the gender spectrum, Androgynous styles have become popular. You can always use national review sites such as Danskeanmeldelser. dk to find reliable stores offering clothing brands. You can also try out celebes. Below, Danish men clothing brands are covered. But before this, it’s essential to know how to dress like a Dane.

 Dressing like a Dane
There aren’t many rules to fashion when it comes to dressing like a Dane. However, there are some guidelines that if you follow, then you’ll be on the proper track. This are:

  1. If in doubt, go for black

While this may seem clichéd, it is a fact. Danes are known to go for dark colours and particularly black. By wearing black, you’ll enjoy the safety of being dressed like your Danish colleagues.

  • Go for quality over quantity

When it comes to Danish wear, it’s more important to invest in the pieces you’ll be frequently wearing and ensure they are extremely functional. Thus, Danes should not hold back on: shoes, jackets and knitwear.

  • Layering is important
    Denmark’s weather is prone to abrupt changes, and thus having several layers will ensure you are safe irrespective of the weather.

  •  Try out second hand

In Denmark, you will find great deals on designer items that have been gently used, though at timed vintage items can be highly-priced.

  • Leave things undone a bit

A key to Danish dressing is to ensure that you leave things a little bit undone. This can be mussed hair, having patterns clashing such that they stand out and scuffed shoes.

 Danish clothing brand for men 

  1. Suit
     Suit is a brand that offers sharp and relaxed clothes, which have functionality similar to outdoor gear. Their pieces are made with great attention to detail and craftmanship ensuring. They offer high-quality pieces, from quilted bomber jackets to tailored blazers, which are superbly fitting. The variety they offer can meet all the needs that a modern male needs, ensuring that one has pieces in the wardrobe that can be matched and mixed easily to create an original look each day.

Norse projects was founded by Mikkel Gronnebaek and Anton Juul, drawing inspiration from their strong interest in underground skating. Since 2005 to today, they have come a long way. The brand is known for bold street-inspired pieces that pre-empt seasonal strength. Have an excellent construction and have dark cue imagery. It has pieces such as shirts with some fabric types that offer both impact and texture.

  • Mads Nørgaard
    This clothing brand was founded in 1986 by the designer Mads Nørgaard. It has since grown and presently has several brick and mortar locations offering both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear pieces. It is a Universal style choice among Danes and offers its clothes under the motto what you wear should be supportive of your beliefs and ways.

This brand is renowned for offering rainwear. According to weather scientists, Denmark has about 121 days of rainfall annually, which shows the importance of this brand in the country’s market. The brand combines fashionable silhouettes and cuts with technically savvy materials. The brand’s initial products were basic and simplistic rain Jackets. Today the brand has diversified to waterproof accessories and pants.

  • Won Hundred

Before getting into Won Hundred, Nikolaj Nielsen was a veteran in the industry with experience in Denim. The brand was started in 2004 with the main aim of challenging Dane’s view on the brand. Nielsen and his team drew upon art and cinema as the brand’s foundation to define the modern style.

  • Astrid Andersen

This is an excellent example of high fashion embracing with street culture. This Danish designer marks boundaries by challenging the currently accented notion on proportions, branding and masculinity.

  • Elka Regntøj

This was a brand that was initially a favourite for fishermen. However, in 2009 after the Norse projects collaborated with the brand, its clientele drastically shifted. The repositioning was marked by a move to streetwear and menswear, having clothes with excellent waterproof capabilities.

In conclusion, fashion is an essential part of the life of the Danish people. With this article, you have imperative insights into Danish men clothing brands.