Children’s Clothing Brand “Mahika Kids”

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Children’s Clothing Brand- Rachel Vennya is known as an influencer as well as a successful businessman.

Not only do they often endorse their Instagram account, but Rachel and her husband, Okin, also run various other businesses that many people already know.

Some of his businesses are “Sate Taichan”, the hijab business “Raven is Odd” which also holds art exhibitions, and recently released the clothing brand “Mahika Kids”.

Philosophy and Concept of “Mahika Kids”

Quoting from his Instagram, the word “Mahika” comes from Sanskrit which means “earth”.

The way to make these clothes is by hand and using high-quality fibers that are comfortable for children to wear.

Mahika Kids’ clothing concept, is children’s clothing brand that carries earth tone colors. This is because Rachel likes to see children wearing these colors.

“I made the name Mahika, which means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit. Because I like to see small children wearing earth-tone clothes like that,” Rachel said quoting Radar Malang.

However, in pioneering Mahika Kids, Rachel did not do it alone. He invited some of his close relatives, namely, Dhea Febrina, Annisa Swavira, and Adelita Morshka.

Earth Tone Collection

Rachel Vennya is the founder of Mahika Kids clothing company. She makes clothes such as jumpsuits for boys and girls, as well as a set of cute tops and bottoms. Rachel said that there were already dozens of resellers who bought them, even though the production process had just finished.