Business: Difference between Online and Offline Marketing

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Business: Difference between Online and Offline Marketing

Business- Marketing is an activity to introduce, inform, and convey the value of a product that aims to create purchases of marketed products and increase profits. By doing marketing activities, consumers will get to know your product and get satisfaction from the product.

Marketing activities are needed by every business. This is because the ultimate goal of a business is to create purchases and profits. With the right marketing strategy, customers will continue to buy the products you sell. That’s why it takes the right marketing strategy so that your product remains as a customer choice.

Difference between Online and Offline Marketing

There are two types of marketing, namely online and offline marketing. Online marketing is a marketing activity carried out through online media. Online marketing as a modern marketing model because it relies on the development of information technology.

While more familiar with offline marketing with conventional marketing. This marketing relies on mass media to convey information. The purpose of offline marketing is more to increase your brand awareness.There are still many brands that use this type of marketing.

Not only limited to the above understanding, online and offline marketing also has various basic differences. Here are the differences between online and offline marketing that you need to know:

Total Capital

The amount of capital issued by the two marketing models differs quite significantly. For offline marketing, it will spend a larger budget because it uses mass media as a media campaign. For example, the price for a one-time advertisement on a television program reaches tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Whereas in online marketing, the budget spent is not as big as conventional marketing because it is done through online media. Despite doing digital advertising (FBAds, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, and so on), the budget spent is not as much as advertising in mass media. In online marketing, brands must combine advertising strategies, social media optimization, SEO, websites, and others that don’t spend a lot of marketing budgets with the same results.

Marketing Reach

The marketing reach of these two marketing methods is different. If in offline marketing the marketing reach is not wide, because it requires the physical presence of someone who acts as a salesperson or physical media for the publication of the products they will market. As a result, exposure only occurs to those who feel his physical presence.

While online marketing is done through the internet media, where people can access it without even having to meet with the party who is marketing. Online marketing can be obtained through social media or other online media. The reach of this marketing is unlimited, it can even reach overseas.


Digital marketing is very time bound, where the message will be conveyed only when the brand is running a campaign. For example, information dissemination will occur when a salesperson offers his product or distributes a brochure containing brand information.

While digital marketing will continue to run even when the brand is not doing any activities. That’s because digital marketing continues as long as the content is still on the internet. People can access content marketing at any time without the brand having to move on its own.

Marketing System

The online marketing system does not require complicated things such as printing brochures, broadcasting live, meeting face-to-face and so on which definitely takes up a lot of budget and energy.

While the offline marketing system requires a physical marketing kit such as brochures, billboards, videotron, and so on. Not only that, offline marketing also requires a lot of energy, because you have to do campaigns directly. To know more about home construction you can visit this site officialngowari

Product Type

To display this type of product in offline marketing, the seller must display it on physical evidence or even display it directly to the buyer. This is so that buyers can know the product in detail.

While in online marketing, only displaying products through existing images with supporting descriptions. Want to show more details? Sellers can create video content so that buyers can see the details of your product.

Number of Products

In offline businesses, sellers cannot display the number of products unless they have counted the stock. This is a little difficult when buyers want to buy goods in large quantities.

Whereas in online businesses, data on the number of products will update automatically in the system when a purchase occurs. This makes it easier for buyers to find information about the quantity of available goods.

How to Purchase

In online businesses, purchases tend to be made through tools or links in content marketing. Sellers usually directly mention how to buy advertising content or content on social media.

While in offline marketing, usually make purchases directly at physical stores from sellers. Marketers usually only offer, some of them directly bring the product for sale on the spot.

Payment Method

In online marketing, the payment method is via top-up or credit card (CC) through a business manager account. Likewise with online businesses, payment systems via bank transfer or tend to be cashless.

Whereas in offline marketing, payments via bank transfer are returned directly to each marketing department. In offline business, the payment system is in cash or cash, although now there are many stores that provide payment via barcode.

Labor Required

In offline business, marketing requires a lot of manpower because each part of the campaign has to do its own job. Some parts can’t even work concurrently because they have to do high mobility.

Whereas in online business marketing, the workforce required tends to be less because digital marketing does not have to monitor continuously. One person can also hold multiple jobs.

How to Find Items

In an online business, finding goods is easier because we have a catalog that we can access anytime, anywhere. People will find it easier to find the things they need.

In an offline business, people have to go to a store or brand representative to find the items they need. This of course spends more time searching for a product.

Opening a Branch

Offline stores must open branches to increase customer reach, this is because customers must access the store directly to make transactions.

Whereas in online stores, they don’t need to open a branch if they want to expand their reach. Buyers can access the store from anywhere without having to look for the nearest location to make a purchase.