5 models of clothes that are suitable for fat people

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5 models of clothes that are suitable for fat people

For those of you who have a fat body, walking through clothes shops in shopping centers is an adventure in itself. Various models of clothes are offered, but it is difficult to determine which really suits our body shape and makes us comfortable when wearing it.

A-Line dress or skirt

The A-line model may be familiar to the ear because when you were in school you might spend your days in a red, blue, or gray skirt but with a similar model. Tighter at the top of the body to the waist and looser at the bottom gives the hourglass silhouette a slimmer look. To know more about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

When you want to buy a skirt or dress with an A-line model, choose stiffer materials such as cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester because these four materials can emphasize your body shape when wearing them.

Dress or top with a peplum model

If you’ve seen some people wearing tops or dresses that fit with ruffle accents at the waist, people usually call this type of clothing peplum. You can find models of clothes that are suitable for fat people to wear in this outfit. In addition to the basic shape that adjusts to the body shape or bodycon, the ruffle accent pinned on the waist gives the appearance of a slimmer waist.

Shirt with a V-shaped collar

Clothing models that are suitable for fat people do not only focus on the waist. You can choose a collar model to look more level, a V-shaped collar or more familiar with the V-neck is one of them. This one collar shape will highlight the neck and collarbone so that it looks more level which then makes the body look more level. If you use clothes with a round neck or halterneck, it will give the impression of being fatter.

Empire Model

This dress model is found in various types of dresses, ranging from short tunics to dresses that tend to be longer and flowy. At first glance, the model resembles an A-line or peplum that widens at the waist down, but this model is only tight at the chest and widens from the chest down. This dress model emphasizes the shape of the upper body so that it is suitable for owners of an oval, rectangular or triangular body shape.

Clothes with vertical stripes

Not only focusing on parts that emphasize body shape, but you can also look for clothes that are suitable for fat people through the chosen motif. Line motifs are classic motifs that are sure to fill our wardrobe, at least one color or one type. If you choose a striped shirt for fat people, choose a vertical stripe.

Why vertical? The lines that run from top to bottom give the illusion of a body looking proportional and tall. In addition to the direction of the line, you can also choose a line motif that is small and closely spaced to divert other people’s focus on body shape while giving a slim impression of body shape.

Choosing and looking for clothes that are suitable for fat people is not easy, but it is not impossible. Well, hopefully the summary of the clothing models above can be used as a reference to look charming and confident with your body shape. Do you think you’ve found a model that catches your eye? Good luck!

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