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    Local Fashion Brands Often Considered from Overseas

    Local Brands made in Indonesia certainly have a quality that is no less good than well-known fashion brands. Even local brands have managed to reach the international market, you know. Maybe some of these brands are often seen by young people in shopping centers and do not think that these brands are from Indonesia.

    The Executive

    This brand that provides official and formal clothes actually made in Indonesia, you know. The Executive targets its market for workers and business people. This local brand has such good quality that many think it is a product from abroad.


    The Journey of the Flavs Festival and Presentations for Indonesian Hip-hop Music What Preparations Must Be Done Before Graduation? Just Free to Take Off Masks, America Again Takes First Position The case of Covid-19 This brand is also often mistaken for Japanese origin. However, in fact, Wakai is a brand originating from Indonesia. … Read More

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    Discounts: These 5 to Increase Online Shop Sales

    Discounts: These 5  to Increase Online Shop Sales

    Discounts- Do you have an online shop or e-commerce business? Surely you know that, if everyone likes discounts, so do customers. Giving discounts can increase sales, speed up stock depletion, and attract new customers.

    So that your sales are not less in demand than online shops or other stores in e-commerce, you can also apply certain discounts to increase your sales.

    Still, confused about what types of online shop discounts are? Come on, see the answer below!

    Free shipping (postage)

    Nowadays, many people are starting to switch from offline shopping to online shopping. We can do this because online shopping is easier and we can do it from anywhere. Seeing this consumer behavior, you can apply a free shipping discount (postage) to increase your sales. Usually to apply the discount through certain e-commerce, because they provide subsidies for free shipping with a minimum spend that you can set.


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    Children’s Clothing Brand “Mahika Kids”

    Children’s Clothing Brand- Rachel Vennya is known as an influencer as well as a successful businessman.

    Not only do they often endorse their Instagram account, but Rachel and her husband, Okin, also run various other businesses that many people already know.

    Some of his businesses are “Sate Taichan”, the hijab business “Raven is Odd” which also holds art exhibitions, and recently released the clothing brand “Mahika Kids”.

    Philosophy and Concept of “Mahika Kids”

    Quoting from his Instagram, the word “Mahika” comes from Sanskrit which means “earth”.

    The way to make these clothes is by hand and using high-quality fibers that are comfortable for children to wear.

    Mahika Kids’ clothing concept, is children’s clothing brand that carries earth tone colors. This is because Rachel likes to see children wearing these colors.

    “I made the name Mahika, which means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit. Because I like to see small children wearing … Read More

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