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When you have decided to take the roads for long, hiking, you need to look into few aspects that would determine the type of boot or shoe you should go for. Depending upon the terrain, you need to select your shoes or boots, whether they are the normal roads, forest areas or a hilly region because it is this that would help in choosing the right type of shoes for your travel or trip. This probably should be the first question or the thought that should strike your brains. The type of shoes depend on how much you spend for them. Every penny matters and you get what you pay for. If you decide to keep your investments low for this, you might end up buying a shoe or boot that is low in quality, less comfortable and might not promise to travel with your for long. But when you have your pockets heavy, you are sure to get a good one with all your expectations and necessities in them. So always try to keep your minds and pockets a little lavish while choosing the hiking shoes.

Then comes the decision about the material or the type of boots or shoes you should go for, in my opinion these are the best lightweight hiking shoes. There are many different types each designed to serve a specific purpose.  The latest trend is the mix of fabric and leather which is in high demand in the market. This is a new entrant and is making a buzz in the market amongst the hikers. They are specially designed to suit hiking needs and they promise to keep your trips as long as possible and also the hiker`s foot in the best comfortable way. Since it is a mix of two materials there is a lot of scope for more comfort and ease. The leather tries to keep the shoes strong and sturdy while the other fabric keeps the foot comfortable.

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