Gaming Accessories

With the gaming industry gaining a lot of fame and growth, the number of options available to a gamer is large. Apart from the number of games to choose from, one can even choose from a wide range of gaming screens, to enhance their gaming experience as a whole.

Buy The Right Monitor

The best way to go about picking the right monitor for your gaming needs would be to check at various stores, both physical and online. When you search online, you get to read customer feedbacks too. This will give you a better insight into the product as it is not just the manufacturer’s claim.

However, when you are searching online, you are bound to get confused with a wide range of options to select from. In order to avoid such confusion and select a screen that will fit your needs, you need to consider the following:

The Resolution

Different monitor sizes offer different resolutions. The bigger the screen size, the better will be the resolution, as a result of which you can enjoy much clearer and sharper images.


There are different panels to choose from.

  • The Twisted Nematic is one of the most popular panels among gamers as it is pocket-friendly and also offers better pixel responses and refreshes faster too
  • The alignment panels are vertical and can display robust colors, deep blacks as well as a high contrast ratio. However, they are also known for their ghosting effects which in turn hinders the game itself
  • The in-plane switching panels provide a very good color quality and the view angles offered are wide too. However, they are no match to the TN panels’ pixel response.

To get a fair idea of what are the various monitors available in the market, you can browse through a number of reviews and articles. Some of the review articles can give you a better list of monitors – 144hz, 4k, 1440p, ultrawide, etc. when compared to company websites. hence reading through such articles can help you choose the right screen for your needs.

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